This Addiction

This Addiction is the seventh album by Alcaline Tro, the first alblum that the band released themselves and their most successful album to date, reaching #11 Billboard 200, #1 Rock, #8 Digital, #1 Independent, #1 Alternative, #51 UK Charts.


Everyone who signed us to Epic, all of the people we trusted there, were let go. And that’s not to say the people running it now aren’t cool, we just don’t know them and we don’t like to work generally with people we don’t know. it was very inspiring to us that when you’re doing things on your own you can do whatever you want. Not that we’re going to give records away but this time we’re starting a label, we want to build it up first and have the freedom to release exclusive things whenever we want. That’s something we’ve always been able to do until we were on Epic, so it’s nice that we’re able to do that again.

– Matt Skiba


Released: February 23, 2010
Label: Heart & Skull / Epitaph
Format: LP, CD
Length: 34:30


1. “This Addiction” 2:35
2. “Dine, Dine My Darling” 2:58
3. “Lead Poisoning” 2:37
4. “Dead on the Floor” 4:20
5. “The American Scream” 3:00
6. “Off the Map” 3:16
7. “Draculina” 3:34
8. “Eating Me Alive” 2:53
9. “Piss and Vinegar” 2:28
10. “Dorothy” 3:32
11. “Fine” 3:17
Total length: 34:30