From Here to Infirmary

From Here to Infirmary is the third album released by Alkaline Trio and represents a real turning point for the band. This was the bands first album to chart, reaching #199 in the Billboard 200 and its two singles, “Stupid Kid” and “Private Eye”, reaching #53 and #51 in the UK Singles Chart.


I would have to say From Here to Infirmary definitely started to shape things up with more of a straight up rock kind of sound. I think the previous two albums (1998’s Goddamnit and 2000’s Maybe I’ll Catch Fire) are really great, but are a bit meandering. I think From Here to Infirmary is when Matt [Skiba] and I both realized that we wanted to tighten the screws a bit, simplify things a little and focus more on punching you in the nuts with our rock; Metaphorically speaking of course.

– Dan Andriano


Released: April 3, 2001
Label: Vagrant
Format: LP, CD
length: 38:13


1. “Private Eye” 3:30
2. “Mr. Chainsaw” 3:05
3. “Take Lots with Alcohol” 3:13
4. “Stupid Kid” 2:23
5. “Another Innocent Girl” 3:37
6. “Steamer Trunk” 2:49
7. “You’re Dead” 3:50
8. “Armageddon” 2:49
9. “I’m Dying Tomorrow” 2:20
10. “Bloodied Up” 2:51
11. “Trucks and Trains” 3:16
12. “Crawl” 4:25
Total length: 38:13